Logo Design Software Vs. a Logo Designer

Nowadays, when you want to design a logo for your company, you have the option of either contracting a graphic design agency or using free logo maker software. The truth is, no software can replace the thought processes of a human being. However, software is also designed by professional graphic designers who also understand the aspects of design and know what a good logo should be like. Therefore both methods can produce a great logo for your business. We look at the main positive and the main negative factors for both options.

Logo Designer

No software can outdo the human intelligence. The thought processes regarding a human imagination and innovation are unrivaled. A human designer also understands the target market for the logo and so when he designs, he can keep changing and perfecting the logo until he comes up with the perfect logo for a given circumstance.

On the negative side, contracting a professional graphic designer to come up with a logo for your business could be very expensive and out of reach for your startup business. Getting the best graphic designer is not an easy task. Communicating how you want your logo to look like is also a challenge. And finally the process of engaging a designer up to when he has a logo ready can consume a lot of time. That’s why most people resort to using free logo design templates.

Free Logo Maker Software

Free Logo maker software is developed by a team of experienced graphic designers and developers who have vast experience in the field of logo designing. They normally come up with samples which you can adopt, customize and have your design ready in a matter of minutes. Logo design software makes it possible for anybody even without graphic design training to be able to create their own logos, it saves time, and it is not expensive. In fact, there are many free logo maker software available online that you can use to create your logo free of cost.

On the negative side, some free online logo maker and download do not give the user a free hand in customizing the design, and so many users end up not being satisfied with the logos. Another challenge is duplicity. You can find similar logos adopted by different companies because the designs and templates are not in some cases exclusive to the buyer. Finally, even if you choose to use the free logo design templates, you must be creative to come up with a great logo. If you are not creative, you might end up contracting a third party to help achieve the logo of your dreams.

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