How to Grow and Care for the String of Pearls Plant


Senecio rowleyanus, which is commonly referred to as the String of Pearls plant, is named after Gordon Douglas Rowley, a British botanist who is known for his work on succulent plants. Other plants that have been named after him include Lobivia rowleyi, Pygmaeocereus rowleyanus, and Echinopsis rowleyi.
The String of Pearls is a succulent plant that has a trailing or cascading habit. Its pearl-like foliage hangs on the string-like stems, hence the name. It is ideal for hanging baskets or pots. Basically, succulent plants are those plants that store water in their stems or foliage, which makes it easier for them survive during dry spells. While the round leaves of this plant store water, the surface area of the leaves that is exposed to the sun and dry air also gets reduced due to their shape. This helps in minimizing the loss of water through evaporation. If you look at the leaves, you will be able to spot a small point at their tips and a window on the side. These are characteristics that are seen in some succulent plants. These facilitate the

Kitchen Painting Ideas For Your New Unique and Modern Style


A kitchen is often considered to be the most accessed room in your household. Therefore the choice of your kitchen painting ideas should be made with this view in mind. Since it is used, the chances of it getting dirty are quite high. So, instead of painting your kitchen every time, one should consider kitchen paint colors that can nullify those marks and patches. There are a wide variety of kitchen color ideas available, therefore selecting one won’t be a problem.

Considering the fact that people want their kitchen to be clean and attractive, many advertising agencies have come up with unique kitchen decorating ideas of their own. One thing to remember while considering such designs is that they should be simpatico with your kitchen interior. A lot of these kitchen painting ideas will be appealing, but they won’t be necessarily apt for your kitchen.

The internet can definitely be a source of valuable information. There are various home decorating magazines which you can rely on to understand the latest trends in kitchen paint colors. They can offer many tips to give your kitchen a

How to Utilize Interior Decoration Tips and Ideas


Interior decoration is a big task for the homeowners. It is important a house should offer warmth and relaxation to the residents and it should bestow great impression on the visitors and guests. For the utilization of the most fabulous ideas and tips, it is recommended to reply on professional interior decorators. If hiring experts is a costly affair, it is advised to at least obtain consultation from them.

There are many considerations and components that must be taken into account while decorating the interior of homes. Remember the fact that these ideas and tips are not restricted to living rooms or any other specific area of the house. Here are some tips that the homeowners can work on along with their decoration contractors.

Deciding Theme and Trends

There is no limit to the home decoration themes that can be followed. However, it is important to keep pace with the trends which keep on changing regularly. Only expert and knowledgeable interior decorators can help you choose the right type of theme. While modern, contemporary and artistic themes are quite popular, the traditional, rustic and vintage themes

Indoor Plant Lights

It is an absolute delight to have plants around you in your dwelling. Plants like ferns, a few types of cactus, and small flowering ones can instantly impart a pleasing look to your house. The green color is refreshing and surely has therapeutic effects. Indoor plants however, need a bit more care than the usual outdoor plants because of various factors.

One of the most important factors being light. As indoor plants sometimes do not get adequate light, they need another source of it. This is where indoor plant lights come into the picture. These lights are basically of 4 types―fluorescent, incandescent, LED, and high pressure bulbs.

Fluorescent Bulbs/Lights
These are the most popular and commonly available lights and in any desired wattage and color temperature. Standard fluorescent lights in the range of 2800 K to 6000 K are typically fit for growing vegetables like leaf lettuce, spinach, and herbs. These are also good for giving seedlings a jump start on spring planting. When there is a limited space vertically, a HO fluorescent fixture having a very thin profile is perfect.

Incandescent Lights
These lights have a low color temperature, around 2700 K and these are not exactly those which can be categorized

Tips to Grow Potted Plants

Who wouldn’t love waking up amidst the greens before beginning the daily routine of rushing to the work! Not everybody is lucky enough to be working in a city that has a beautiful canopy of green. This is the reason many people spend hours meticulously preening their beautiful gardens. The effort is definitely worth it when you see the beautiful flowers. However, some people have restrictions as far as space is concerned, and they have to think and plan differently to have some greenery in their house. Potted plants are an ideal option for those who live in compact apartments and wish to be in touch with nature. They require special care as they completely rely on you for their daily needs. If you have a liking for potted plants and are seeking for ways to care for them, then here are some tips and methods that will help you to grow them.

Select the Correct Pot

When you are out to buy pots, do not get floored by the design. Always ensure you check if there are any holes at the bottom, which will help the water to flow out freely. Plants always need a sufficient drainage system to be able

How to Take Care of a Purple Passion Plant

Did You Know?
A relative of the purple passion plant called the ‘stinking passion’ plant, is known to trap and consume insects as its food!
The purple passion plant is popular as a houseplant, thanks to its attractive appearance. This plant is a vine, which climbs up any support it can find with its delicate tendrils. It is identified by its showy, large leaves and hairy stem, both of which are purple in color. Strangely enough, the plant’s yellow-orange flowers are frowned upon, because of their undesirable smell, and its foliage alone makes it attractive enough without its flowers playing any role. The plant is either grown as an ornamental item or for its delicious, seedy fruits, popularly called passion fruits. It is known by various names like purple velvet, royal velvet, velvet plant, purple passion, or by its scientific name Gynura aurantiaca.

The passion plant attracts a lot of bees and butterflies, which helps in its pollination. The origins of this plant are relatively unclear, but it thought to have originated from either Asia or Brazil, and hence, is tropical in origin. More than 9 species of this plant are grown throughout the US, and it is suited to the

How to Dethatch a Lawn for Better Growth

It is common knowledge that in order to keep your lawn looking pretty and beautiful, it is essential that you mow the lawn and clip the plants periodically. The debris formed as a result of these activities, begin to get deposited on the soil and over a period of time, form a thick layer just below the blades of the turf grass. This is termed as thatch and a thin layer of thatch is beneficial to the soil in many ways. However, a layer that is thicker than half an inch, does more harm than good and needs to be removed. The process of removal of the layer of thatch from the soil is termed as dethatching. In this article, we’ll learn about the ways of dethatching a lawn and its reported benefits.

When to Dethatch a Lawn

Before you begin with the process of dethatching your lawn, it is very important to ensure if it is the right time to do so. To determine if your lawn needs dethatching, dig out a portion of the soil and check for the presence of dead grass and other plant remains that appear slightly brownish in color. If you find any, measure the thickness

Getting Rid of Crabgrass Best Way to Kill Crabgrass

Crabgrass is actually the common name of Digitaria, which is a genus of almost 300 species of grass. Digitaria or crabgrass belongs to the family Poaceae, and is commonly found in tropical and temperate regions. Digitaria is a Latin word means finger, and this grass is also characterized by long finger-like cluster of flowers arranged on branches.

Crabgrasses are often termed as lawn pests, and they are quite difficult to get rid of once they start invading your lawn. Their seeds usually germinate in early spring or late winter, when the soil temperature reaches about 55°F. They produce seeds from mid-summer to fall. They are killed by autumn frosts.

Weeding Out Crabgrass

You can apply a pre-emergent herbicide to get rid of these lawn pests. As the name suggests, this type of herbicide prevents the emergence of weeds by preventing their seedlings from sprouting. So, it is important to apply a pre-emergent herbicide before the seeds germinate. For crabgrass, the timing of germination usually coincides with the blooming of the lilac shrubs.

Pre-emergent herbicides are available in both granular and liquid forms, and they form a protective layer on the surface of your lawn. This protective layer prevents the seeds from sprouting. Do not

Crabgrass Problems and Prevention

Crabgrass is among the most common grass weeds. Many people do not recognize this plant and often refer to any grass weed as crabgrass. Hence, it is necessary to distinguish it from other types of grass, in order to eradicate crabgrass successfully. This weed is usually found in the warm temperate regions, and is characterized by stems that lie on the ground, with their tips growing in an ascending manner. Their light green leaves are wide and the long inflorescence has spike-like branches. The name ‘crabgrass’ is derived from the appearance of the stems that spread like the legs of a crab.

There are around 300 species of crabgrass, the most prominent among them being large crabgrass and smooth crabgrass. These two species are commonly found as weeds in lawns and gardens. Crabgrass can be easily distinguished by its manner of growth, which interrupts the uniform growth rate of lawn grass. Normally, the seeds of this grass germinate during the end of spring or at the onset of summer. Each plant grows in a circular manner and can reach a maximum diameter of 12 inches. As they die in the fall, crabgrass may leave gaps in your lawn, where the

Information on Turf grass Diseases Identification and Control

A turf grass lawn appears lustrous green and beautiful, as long as it is healthy and disease free. Nevertheless, like any other plant, turf grasses are susceptible to various plant pathogens, especially fungi. Very often, pathogens are present in a dormant state. They become active when favorable environmental conditions and susceptible grasses are present at the same time.


One of the basic thumb rules to prevent turf grass diseases, is proper maintenance of the turf with appropriate watering, aeration, fertilization, and regular mowing. A slight alteration in the requirements makes them more susceptible to several pathogens. In majority of the cases, outbreaks are most common in extreme environmental conditions like drought, excess moisture, and very cold or hot temperatures.

Brown Patch
Brown patch is a common turf grass disease, which is observed during the summer months when there is high temperature and excess humidity. The occurrence of this disease is more in lawns that are maintained with high nitrogen fertilization. The causal organism for this disease is Rhizoctonia solani. Like other ones, this fungus attacks the leaves and stem of the turf.

Identification and Control
If circular brown patches have developed in the lawn, then it is brown patch. A characteristic feature of

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Holes are easily formed on your wall due to various reasons, like, removing the nails used for fixtures, regular wiring, plumbing, etc. If you find that the walls in your house have been damaged due to any of the aforementioned reasons, then simply follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Materials Required
Putty knife or chisel
Broad knife
Patching plaster
Latex bonding agent
White-pigmented shellac
Dusting brush
Sanding paper

Step 1
Clean out the loose material around the hole using a chisel and then dust off this area with a dusting brush.

Step 2
Next, take the latex bonding agent and dampen the edges of the hole. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before mixing and applying it.

Step 3
Now you’ll need the patching plaster. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and prepare the mix accordingly. Using a broad knife you have to apply the plaster to fill up the hole. A single layer is usually enough for small holes.

Step 4
In case of deep holes, you would need an extra layer. In this case, after applying the first layer in the hole, press it inside and let it set for about 30 minutes.

Step 5
After 30 minutes, take a nail and score

Repairing Water Damage

Generally, water damages that are mild by nature are not as challenging as some extensive damages that should be left only to the experts. Different remedies are available for damages incurred by ceiling, drywall, and hardwood floor. Most water damage is a result of faulty construction, improper maintenance, and lack of awareness of humidity, vapor, and condensation in the house environment. Rotting wood, rusting steel, de-laminating of materials are other causes of such problems.


Above the water drip, there would be an attic (floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof; often used for storage). If you can access it, try to find the roof leak in it. Using a bucket under the leak, collect the water, and remove any standing water using water absorbing rags. In case you are unable to fix the problem at once, tarp the roof so as to prevent the water leakage, and work on it once the weather clears. The damp spot in the ceiling has to be left dry and cleared of any flaking paint or drywall. After the repaired area dries, use a stain sealer to seal any stained area and then repaint.


Repairing water damage in drywall

How to Polish Granite

The granite is popularly used as an architectural material. It is very commonly used in bathrooms, flooring, kitchen countertops and window frames as it adds a style element to home decor due to its elegant look.

Granite comes in many colors, shapes and sizes and you can easily find one to suit your taste. Once you install granite, it definitely enhances the look of your rooms. But, this awesome piece may become coarse and lose its shine due to friction. Granite sometimes changes color over time and heat. Rough use of granite materials whether indoors or outdoors can take away its gloss. So, what will you do? Continue to dream of a lustrous granite piece or just replace it (which can be hard on your pocket)? How about polishing it at home? Yes, you can easily perform the polishing task and achieve a brand-new-looking granite.

How to Clean and Polish Granite

Items Needed:
Granite sealant
Spray bottle
Isopropyl rubbing alcohol
Clear all the items placed over the granite. This will ensure that the entire granite is properly cleaned.
Take a mild detergent on a sponge. Use this to thoroughly clean the oily and greasy surface. Let the granite dry

How to Install a Vapor Barrier

The building envelope comprises the following physical structures – foundation, roof, doors and windows. These physical structures protect the building from external physical dangers, but they are permeable enough to transfer water vapor from the air into the insides of the building or vice versa. Water vapor can harm the insulation of the building, apart from causing physical damage to the walls, windows, and other physical structures. Thus arises the need of a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier refers to any physical structure made up of plastic or metal foil, which prevents the diffusion of moisture from external surroundings to the internals of a building. it can be used to protect the floor, ceilings and walls of a building from moisture intrusion. It is sometimes referred as a vapor retarder, as it retards or stops the flow of moisture into the interiors. But these barriers are often excluded from the construction plan or are just installed incorrectly.

Purpose of a Vapor Barrier
As was mentioned earlier, a vapor barrier helps prevent the diffusion of moisture and water into the interiors of a building. The moisture can cause lots of harm, as it can affect the insulation system of the building.

Wall mounted Spice Racks

Spices are important for cooking any type of cuisine, and all households store spices. Storing spices the right way is very essential as improper storage will alter the flavor and aroma of spices. Storing spices in such a way that it is handy while cooking is most important in a kitchen. You can, no doubt, keep your spices in jars and bottles, and place them in the kitchen cabinet. But then it becomes difficult to find the right spice you need while cooking. The best thing to do is to invest in a spice rack, that is available in a variety of designs to suit your kitchen storage needs.

Wall-mounted, revolving, hanging, and magnetic spice racks are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. These help clear up precious countertop space and keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy. This is specially true if you are fond of Asian cooking, where a wide variety of spices are required.

Choosing an Appropriate Spice Rack

As mentioned earlier, wall-mounted spice racks are a very useful storage solution in a kitchen. These, as the name suggests, consist of a wooden or metal rack with glass or plastic jars, that is mounted on the wall,

Hanging Spice Racks for Kitchen

No matter whether you have a large or a small kitchen, the same is always filled with kitchen accessories and essentials. Kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances, cabinets and other accessories used to store food items form a major part of your kitchen. Spice racks are also amongst such accessories which are quite useful and primary essentials of every kitchen. You might wonder that why have these racks when you have a number of small containers and cabinets available for storing various spices. Often spices are stored in a number of closed boxes or stored in a single closed box together. Rest of the spices will be placed somewhere else. Well those placed in a single box often mix up and some amount also goes waste. Also, it often happens that you are unable to find the desired spice on time. So why not get in the spice racks which can store the spices in a well-organized manner and at the same time let you find the desired spice on time. Here’s the detailed information about the hanging spice racks for kitchen which you can consider getting in.


Well, you would be aware that there are a number of designs options available

How To Make The Best Kitchen Renovations

A lot of decision making and creativity is required for a successful kitchen remodeling project. This is because there are unlimited options that one can choose from. Failing to make careful decisions or budgeting can make the overall process a waste of time and resources, and this comes in a costly way. Nevertheless, with proper guidance and workmanship, the project should be a success. Here are some tips to help you through:

Have a concrete budget for the renovation exercise

The cost of renovating the kitchen should be determined before anything else. The budget should govern all expenses required and fulfill all till the renovation exercise is through. To make this work, important aspects in the renovation process needs to be determined and prioritized. Always stick to what you can afford without affecting the budget. A budget gives you a rough estimate of how much you would spend on each given project. It is therefore recommended that you exceed the budget by a few figures to create a contingency should anything change in the process. The extra figures should be used as an insurance policy and not an avenue to spend more than what has been budget, or else you will end

Residential Painting Basic Tips for DIY

A paint job can modify the aspect of your home completely. And this is not all. It also increases the price value of your home, protects it from dangerous elements and it adds many years of life on the long-term. If at first the idea of hiring someone to do the job might seem great, in time you will notice that the cost might get pretty spicy, especially if you don’t know too much about painting. Thus, having a basic knowledge on residential house painting can be a really useful thing. It will help you understand the various aspects involved and explain the quotes offered by various painters.

There are two main areas involved when it comes to residential house painting: exterior and interior. As you probably expect, they differ quite a lot when it comes to equipment, materials, work techniques etc.


Who does not like the interior job, which seems the easiest one? In this case the repairs needed do not have to be done as often as the ones of the exterior. So, painting the interior will not be a frequent job. And if in the area of choice the traffic is not intense or if the paint is of

How to Apply Touch Up Paint on Walls

You painted your walls with so much effort and care, the paint complemented your home for several years, but now your walls lack the previous charm, due to the chipping, or scuffing, or peeling of paint. If you cannot afford repainting, then a touch up is the best option for you. A touch up is not restricted to walls, you can apply it on your car too, in case of any damage. In this article, we are strictly referring to touch up on walls.

How to Touch Up Paint on Walls

Applying touch up paint on the walls is not a difficult task, you will be done in an hour, but your touch ups will appear like blotches if you are impatient, and if you do not get the right paint. The difficulty does not lie in the act of applying the touch up, but the art of touching up. Here are a few points that you should consider, when you apply touch up paint on your walls:

Before you start with the touch up process, it is important that you carefully observe all the touch up areas. If you find any holes fill them, or if you spot any other damages,

Residential Painting Services Ideas and Techniques

Interior and exterior painting has become important part of home decoration. Quality painting to home interior and exterior not only enhances the beauty of homes but also helps in giving tidy look to desired area for longer.

As per modern thinking of homeowners, they have been taking help of professional home decoration services for several reasons. Some chief reasons are as follows:

New ideas

All technical painting skills become useless if one hasn’t got new ideas for interior and exterior painting both. Developing ideas by own is a daunting task. For this, one can take help of service providers which are available in abundance these days.

As far as new painting ideas are concerned, professional painters consider following things:

• Likes & dislikes of clients – Companies first try to find out the likes and dislikes of clients regarding the genre and kind of painting for home interior and exterior. It matters a lot which kind of figures, abstractions, landscapes and styles like realistic, abstracted and expressionist are liked and selected by homeowners.

• Gathering ideas – Different areas of home are needed to be decorated with different finish color and style. For this, companies gather painting ideas in the form of photographs to let clients